Melanie Marden Bio

After losing her Mom to brain cancer in 2008, Melanie set out on a global quest to find the truth about cancer therapies and cures. What she found changed her life forever.  She decided to make a documentary titled “Cure This” that would lead her to the knowledge that cancer had been cured. 

Having gained so much ancient wisdom through global interviews with Doctors, PhD’s and scientists she decided the film was not enough and a book was necessary to arm the public with the needed information to save their life.  The book is appropriately titled “Save Your Life.”

After many successful years acting in Hollywood, she decided to make her exit and dedicate her life to healing both herself and helping others do the same.


Mel Marden hollywood-to-healer

Marden has acquired a vast knowledge of cancer, vitamins, minerals, energy medicine, nature healing, parasites, breathe work, the body systems, ionic radiation, how to detox and immune boosting protocols.

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